Up-is-downism from Michael Ledeen

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Up-is-downism from Michael Ledeen on CNN

Lou Dobbs: Have we really seen a significant change in the way in which our allies deal with us over the course of the past two years?

Michael Ledeen: No. I think, basically, that France and Germany have alienated the rest of Europe. They’re the ones who have been more unilateral than anybody else. And the French invaded the Ivory Coast, never once went to the Security Council, never once even went to the European Council. And nobody said boo. So what we’re seeing here is just the usual ebb and flow of political concerns, varying from one government to another. The anti-Americanism of today is nothing compared to anti- Americanism back in the 1970s during Vietnam or even in the 1980s, towards the end of the Cold War.

Lou Dobbs: This administration has apparently chosen to acknowledge some humbleness, some humility by going back to the United Nations. Are you both in any way assured by this new direct, by this administration on the issue of at least Iraq — Clyde.

Clyde Prestowitz: Yes, I think it’s a positive step. I think he did the right thing. But again, in a kind of churlish manner, it was kind of OK, I know you didn’t agree with us, but we’re in trouble and send soldiers and send money, But we’re not going to give up any control. I think it’s important that we go to the u.n. I think we have to be prepared to share some of the power, some of the decision making.

Lou Dobbs: Clyde, we have to turn quickly. We’re running out of time. I have to turn to Michael Ledeen. Last word, Michael.

Michael Ledeen: We’re not in trouble. We’re doing fine. And we will do better yet. What we’re doing is providing a fig leaf to countries who want to join with us and want to participate in Iraq, but for one reason or another, feel they need some kind of blessing from the United Nations before they do it.

A fig leaf.

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