Alert reader LI pointed

Alert reader LI pointed me towards this fun little Jeb Bush smack-down from this past week.

The backstory here is that Gov. Bush is opposing an incumbent state senator in the Republican primary. The falling out between Bush and Sen. Alex Villalobos came over tuition vouchers and a school class-size amendment.

Given that history, Bush sent out a fund-raising letter for Villalobos’ opponent, writing that Villalobos “has abandoned our party’s principles and lost his way.”

That prompted a strong reaction from fellow Republican and Villalobos supporter Sen. Nancy Argenziano. The St. Pete Times takes it from there:

Argenziano: “The governor has a history reflecting accommodation of special interests as evidenced by the agencies’ contracts, and his flexible Republicanism is at odds with both America and actual Republican principles. In his heart of hearts, the governor prefers dictatorship to democracy.”

Carole Jean Jordan, Florida Republican Party chairwoman: “Personal attacks on the sitting governor of Florida questioning his character are far beyond the bounds of responsible dialogue. I sincerely hope that Senator Argenziano will reconsider her comments, especially in light of all that Governor Bush has done for the people of Florida and for the Republican Party.”

Argenziano: “Carole Jean Jordan can kiss my ass.”

If you listen carefully, you can hear the air hissing out of the GOP balloon.