More on those push-poll

October 29, 2006 8:08 p.m.

More on those push-poll calls about medical experiments on the unborn. Several TPM readers in Maryland have reported robocalls from Michael Steele’s Senate campaign with a “poll” question along the lines of “do you believe that medical research should be allowed on unborn babies?”

TPM Reader PR, in Maryland:

I got the same “polling” call. It starts out asking who you are going to vote for, then has a series of questions, including the medical experiment question. Also asked whether you supported marriage as being between a man and a woman, do you want your taxes raised and then asks at the end, based on what you now know do you support Michael Steele. . . .

A slightly different version of the script is reported by TPM Reader JA:

After asking you who you’re going to vote for, it asks “do you want your own taxes raised or lowered?” Then it tells you that Cardin has voted to raise your taxes and will do so again. It follows with “do you believe the words ‘under God’ should be in the pledge of allegiance?” It tells you Cardin voted to remove them, which I assume is false. Then it goes straight to the gutter and asks “do you support medical research experiments on unborn babies?” Of course, it then tells you Cardin is for this. It finishes by asking again who you’re going to vote for.

At least one Maryland reader says his call did not include any reference to medical experiments on the unborn. Some reports we’ve gotten say the call was the Steele campaign; others say it was a group called “Common Sense Maryland.” Still others say the sponsor was “Common Sense Ohio.”

In Tennessee, TPM Reader LK reports that a group called “Common Sense Tennessee,” which appears to be an outgrowth of “Common Sense Ohio,” is making robocalls on behalf of Republican Bob Corker in the Senate race:

It starts off asking are you for Corker for for Ford, then it runs thru a list of push poll questions; not verbatim but the substance below:

— do you favor giving the same rights to terrorists as to americans?
— are you pro life?
— do you support the NRA and how it lets us have all the guns we want to?
— do you think we have a problem with illegal aliens?

Asks again are you for Corker or for Ford.

A TPM reader in Virginia says that the George Allen campaign is using a a similar question in its push-poll calls: “Do you favor carrying out medical experiments on a dead fetus?”

Then there’s TPM Reader LH:

Yes, there are other campaigns doing push polls asking that question. I have received a poll asking if I agreed with medical experiments on unborn babies. The call was in support of Dick DeVos. I live in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District. I simply told the woman that as a person living with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma since the age of eight, I fully support medical experiments on cells that were artificially created in a lab for the sole purpose of curing disease and saving millions of lives. I also told her I personally found the pro-lifer’s stance offensive because I am alive, and why do they think an artificially created lump of cells more important that me? My parent’s were married for years before they had me. I WAS a planned pregnancy, my parent’s created me naturally, just the way God intended. Why shouldn’t I be saved? Why do they feel MY life is unimportant? I finished the call by informing her that my parent’s love me, they have already lost one child to murder, real murder, the kind that involved a criminal investigation and would take serious umbrage with anyone who would want me to die too. I asked her why didn’t she believe my parent’s have suffered enough, why she felt my parent’s need to lose another child and hung up the phone.

A lot of money is being spent on robocalls in these last days of the campaign, so keep us posted on what you’re hearing.

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