Potpourri of feedback on

Potpourri of feedback on TPM’s refusing to back down on Cynthia McKinney …

Fess up, fool, you were wrong, not her.

[ed.note: I coughed up most of my morning ice-coffee laughing when I read that one. Classic.]

Not true. She did not accuse, she questioned. A BIG difference.

Look, Bush & co. dropped the ball. It’s painfully obvious this administration is only interested in generating revenue for themselves and their benefactors. When faced with a crisis they do nothing, Enron, the Middle East, now the 9/11 revelations. Cynthia Mckinney is right. Don’t turn into a Bush apologist now, unless of course you need the money.

The thing you should aplogize for to Rep. McKinney is that you were so naive as to accept a vague and distorted paraphrase of her remarks as the truth without attempting to check. Consider
the source, the lack of actual quotations in the Post article, and the now-standard smarmy editorializing in what claims to be a news story. At one time, journalists were skeptical of the official story. Now, they seem ready to fall for any pap, no matter how cookie cutter. Give me a break: “Post runs story that is dismissive of black liberal democrat and gets sloppy with quotes” is not a shocker.

Well, slings and arrows.

Anyway, a couple points. A number of people have written in insisting I’m wrong but also being gracious enough to say how much they like the site and so forth. I’m literally being flooded with emails this morning so I’m not going to be able to respond to each one. But I really appreciate the kind words and respect your disagreement.

Here’s where I am on this though. I’ve gotten enough emails on this that I went back and looked at what is apparently a transcript of the radio interview in question. Reading the interview I think it’s actually true: she doesn’t make a direct accusation. She implies intentional inaction and a possible financial motive. And I think it’s probably fair to say the original Washington Post piece did over-dramatize what she said.

But frankly, not by that much. And as you can see she gave the Post a statement in which she said: “I am not aware of any evidence showing that President Bush or members of his administration have personally profited from the attacks of 9-11. A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case.” So I’m really not sure you can say she was running away from the financial motive theory.

As I read McKinney’s statements she was implying that the White House may have intentionally let this happen. And possibly with a financial motive. The difference between a collosal screw-up and intentionally letting something like this happen is not a difference of degree. It’s a difference in kind.

Do I think these new revelations are a big deal? Absolutely. I think the White House has some real trouble on its hands. Maybe a lot of trouble. Bring on the investigation. Let’s find out. I just don’t think any of this is the same as what McKinney was talking about.