And then there were

And then there were six! TPM readers know we’re trying to find out which of the seven other congressmen who attended the Free Markets and Democracy conference in Doha, Qatar, in April 2001, went along with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to meet with the Taliban delegation and discuss Rohrabacher’s ‘personal peace plan’ for Afghanistan with then-Taliban Foreign Minister Muttawakil. According to several contemporaneous wire reports, other congressmen also joined in on the meeting. We’ve just heard back from Sununu campaign spokeswoman Barbara Riley and she tells us that Congressman Sununu — who is currently challenging Senator Bob Smith for the Republican Senate nomination in New Hampshire — did NOT attend the Rohrabacher-Muttawakil meeting. That leaves six other possibilities. Still no more details on the contents of Rohrabacher’s ‘personal peace plan.’ And still no response from the Bob Barr campaign to our repeated queries about whether he was one of the attendees at the Muttawakil meeting.