Just a quick update

Just a quick update on the Dems’ Fainthearted Faction mentioned below.

At least a couple of folks on this list are now making what appear to be unequivocal statements against phasing out Social Security. And we’ll be bringing you those updates later today. But let’s review what the list is.

These are thirteen Democratic congressmen who, when given a chance three years ago to make a clear vote in favor of preserving Social Security rather than phasing it out with a private accounts sytem, voted no.

Perhaps they didn’t give the issue enough thought then; maybe they wanted to keep an open mind and not prejudge the issue; perhaps the significance of the vote wasn’t clear; maybe they’ve changed their position since then. Who knows? And, to a degree, who cares?

The question is where they stand now.

The larger point here is that the defenders of Social Security need to have all Democrats standing united against phasing out Social Security. And these are thirteen reps who at least seemed open to the idea in the past. The point is not to bash them but to find out where they stand today.