Hmmm take 2 …The

Hmmm (take 2) …

The article about the Denver Three in the Rocky Mountain News <$NoAd$> says …

Weise, an attorney, said she and her companions are members of a political group called the Denver Progressives. She said they never intended to be disruptive, get thrown out or arrested.

“I have never seen a president in person,” Weise said. “For me, it was kind of exciting to be involved in a historic, presidential event. I did want to hear what the president has to say about Social Security.”

The three obtained tickets to the president’s speech from Congressman Bob Beauprez’s office. They were dressed in business or other normal attire, though each also wore a T-shirt underneath with the slogan “Stop the Lies.” They discussed showing off the slogan but decided against it.

Shortly after they found seats, they were hustled out by a man who had been identified to them as Secret Service.

On the other hand in the gaggle discussion this morning about the Colorado incident, Scott McClellan said: “I don’t know the full circumstances of it. There are different sides to the story, I recognize that. But those individuals, themselves, said that their intent of coming to the event originally was to disrupt it (italics added).”