From the AP emphasis

From the AP (emphasis mine):

White House aide Dan Bartlett said the allegations against Foley were shocking and that President Bush had not been informed previously about the e-mails. Bartlett said there was no need for an independent outside investigation.

“The leadership appear to be very aggressive in pursuing this investigation,” he said. “I think that’s the best place for this investigation to go forward.”

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said at first he had learned only last week about the e-mails Foley sent to a page. Hastert later acknowledged that aides referred the matter to the authorities last fall.

First off, this White House wouldn’t know an aggressive investigation if it slapped it upside the head with a subpoena.

That being said, what about Hastert aides referring the matter to “authorities”? That makes it sound as if law enforcement were notified, but in the context of the piece, the AP apparently only means that Hastert’s office sent the matter over to the page program board. That leaves the completely inaccurate impression that somehow Hastert doesn’t have oversight over the whole dang operation. He is the Speaker of the House! He IS the authority. Mr. Magoo indeed.