I took Hasterts call

I took Hastert’s call for an investigation of anyone who may have been aware of the Foley matter, specifically the part about “anyone outside the Congress,” as a reference to former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl.

Once again, I’ve been busted for not being cynical enough. From TPM Reader B:

Seems reasonably clear to me. The reptiles want the FBI to investigate ABC’s sources and see if they can find any Democratic Party and/or liberal interest group involvement in the IM leaks. A probe would also help intimidate any other potential whistleblowers who might be out there . . . (“If you know what’s good for you kid, you’ll keep your old emails to yourself.”)

It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with going after Trandahl, who after all is one of the House officials the Republicans claim never saw the sexually explicit messages. If the FBI were to find out that he DID see them, it would bring the nasty stuff closer to Hastert and Co.

I’m afraid this is probably right. Also a good excuse to start issuing subpoenas to reporters again.