Last Friday John Fund

Last Friday John Fund of the Wall Street Journal Editorial page went on the Geraldo Rivera show to chat about the brouhaha surrounding the Marc Rich pardon.

At one point, in exasperation, Rivera asked Fund, “Have you apologized yet for the [false] stories about White House vandalism? Have you apologized?”

Here’s the interchange that followed…

FUND: I never ran–I never ran any stories about it.

RIVERA: Have you apologized–has your newspaper apologized for the stories about…

FUND: We never–we never referenced it.

Now my understanding of this back-and-forth is that Fund first denied that he had ever written about the prank story. Then when he says “we” he’s talking about his publication, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page and it’s public online incarnation So in the second run-through he’s denying that the editorial page had ever played up prankgate.

So is this true? They’d didn’t even mention it? Please! Not even close. How about the predictable Peggy Noonan on January 26th (Back to Normal) or Tunku Varadarajan on January 29th (No Joke)? Or do only unsigned pieces count? Well then how about this piece also from January 26th (Gary Aldrich Was Right)?

An editorial zinger to drive the point home?

Nope. I think this one speaks for itself.