Wow How much did

Wow! How much did Tom Edsall enjoy writing this story? As you’ll see in the post below, today’s Washington Post has a story by Edsall which makes the case that Olson lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee when he told them he wasn’t involved in the so-called Arkansas Project.

This new story from early this afternoon reports that the Committee has now postponed today’s scheduled vote on Olson’s nomination so that it can investigate Olson’s alleged deceptions.

Even Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch, Edsall writes, “said a Washington Post story published this morning raising ‘legitimate’ questions that need to be answered before the Olson nomination can be voted on.”

The translation of this, of course, would be:

Orrin G. Hatch said my story from this morning’s Post kicked Olson’s &#%, and that even he (Hatch) wasn’t willing to carry water for Olson, unless and until Olson could create some sort of smokescreen to divert attention from the charges, or — excluding that — find some way to discredit David Brock.

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