My secret sources tell

My secret sources tell me that John McCain is the big target at this weekend’s NRA annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri. The combination of McCain’s support for campaign finance reform and his creeping support of moderate gun control just makes him too plump a target to pass up.

The charge against McCain apparently runs like this: McCain is a hypocrite because despite his support for campaign finance reform he is part of Americans for Gun Safety’s multi-million dollar ad campaign in support of closing the gun show loophole. (AGS was founded in July by executive Andrew J. McKelvey.)

The ads — which you can read about and see here — prominently feature McCain and Joe Lieberman, the cosponsors of AGS’s favored version of the gun show loophole bill.

A friend of mine — a dissident conservative — once told me that soft money is the mother’s milk of the modern conservatism.

Case in point.