I must admit that

I must admit that the decision to call the cops on the
Bush daughters always seemed a bit over the top to me. From my personal
experience /research as an underage drinker (circa 1984-1990) my understanding
was that the prescribed punishment for this infraction was ritual humiliation by
the bartender /waiter, confiscation of the ID with a condescending look, and
summary expulsion from the premises. But apparently, as the death penalty thing
shows, they’ve got a more punitive mentality down in Texas. So who knows?

In any case, the folks at the White House said the decision to drop a dime on
Jenna and Barbara was actually political. “One senior administration official”
told reporters that Chuy’s, the restaurant in question “is owned and operated by

Well, apparently not. According to this ABCNews.com article,
Michael Young, co-founder and president of Central Texas Chuy’s Inc. is actually
a relatively big ticket Republican donor.

Now who does that “senior administration official” sound like to you?

P.S. You got evidence on this, or just suspicion? Pure suspicion. But it
sounds like him to me.