The New York Post

The New York Post, which has been carrying much of the Chandra Levy-Gary Condit story, ran this story yesterday reporting that the DC Police Department’s special investigations unit, Jack Barrett, has been assigned to take over the case.

More significantly, the Post reports, the police are focusing on two separate theories. One theory involves an affair gone wrong with congressman Gary Condit which led Levy to commit suicide. The other involves a stalker.

Here’s how the Post describes the first of the investigators’ two theories:

The hazel-eyed, dark-haired 24-year-old did something “crazy” after an alleged relationship with Rep. Gary Condit, a California Democrat, went awry.

As I’ve noted here, the combination of mounting circumstantial evidence of an affair and Condit’s non-denial denials, makes some sort of romantic involvement seem very likely.

(For an example of Condit’s non-denial denials, take a close look at his ‘denial’ that Levy spent the night at his home; and his demand for an apology for the Washington Post story making the allegation. The statement includes no actual statements from Condit himself.)

The rush of phone messages to Condit in the two days before Levy’s disappearance certainly squares well with the theory of her disappearance described above. As does much of what we know about the case.