Todays Maureen Dowd column

Today’s Maureen Dowd column is a good example of the problem mentioned in yesterday’s post. Today’s column, needless to say, is on the Bill Clinton book deal. And towards the end Dowd reveals a fictitious chapter she was ‘leaked’ in which the ex-pres dishes about what appears to be a first tryst with Monica Lewinsky.

It’s entirely clear from the context and the over-the-top quality of the leaked chapter that Dowd is putting us on. And that’s perfectly legit. Talking Points has even been known to do the same some time.

But the alleged exchange between Bill Clinton and Jim Baker in Sunday’s column kinda looks like it’s just a put-on too. But it’s not clear. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Is it a quote or is it made up? I’m not sure. Is anyone sure?

I’m not sure that we’re supposed to be sure.