Wisconsin Dem Assembly Leader: We’ll Fight To The ‘Bitter End’

Earlier Friday, Wisconsin Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D) directed some sharp words at Republicans from the floor of the Assembly’s chamber, at a moment when he wasn’t even supposed to be speaking. Democratic members of the Assembly are in the Capitol even as their 14 counterparts in the Senate are still sticking to the walkout they initiated Thursday.

WisPolitics reports that Barca stood to speak after Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald’s call for a caucus break, and proceeded despite not being recognized by the Speaker Pro Tem.

“I don’t need a microphone,” Barca said. “People have been yelling for days and you don’t listen. That’s the problem.”

Barca’s words drew cheers from the gallery, even while Republicans filed out of the chamber. Barca said Republicans were “observing a continuation of a pattern of behavior, a pattern of arrogance unparalleled in this chamber.”

“The will of the people shall be the law of the land and we’re going to fight ’til the bitter end,” he said.

Page staff had to remind the gallery that cheering and clapping was prohibited by observers.

WisPolitics reports:

One man in the gallery was escorted out by authorities after yelling something like “Lee Nerison we’re watching you.” Nerison is a Republican serving a district in southwestern Wisconsin.

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