Which Committees Could Franken Get?

Assuming that Al Franken is finally declared the winner of the Minnesota Senate race after the current litigation, exactly which committees could he end up serving on?

Harry Reid’s office last night released the “final” list of Democratic committee assignments. They couldn’t have been truly final, though, because there are currently three Dem vacancies: Minnesota, Colorado and New York. And so several committees had some “To Be Announced” slots still open:

• Special Committee on Aging – 3

• Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry – 2

• Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs – 1

• Environment and Public Works – 1

• Foreign Relations – 1

• Health, Education, Labor and Pensions – 1

• Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs – 1

• Indian Affairs – 1

It would appear that all three incoming Senators could end up being put on the Aging Committee. After that there will be eight slots to go around.

Reid’s office told TPMDC that no decisions have yet been made on specific committees for either Franken, Senator-designate Michael Bennet from Colorado, or Senator TBD (D-NY).

Franken spokesperson Jess McIntosh told TPMDC that she wasn’t there for Franken’s conversation with Harry Reid yesterday about committee assignments, and wasn’t aware of the specific details. Said McIntosh: “Given his wide range of interests, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with whatever the selection is.”