WaTimes: ‘Only in a fairy-tale VA are voters more worried about condoms than about years of failed Dem leadership’

f33/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Last week, Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds was touting the endorsement of his gubernatorial bid from a D.C. news outlet. This morning it was Republican nominee Bob McDonnell’s turn. McDonnell earned the glowing praise of the Washington Times, which said McDonnell was “leading with ideas.”

From the editorial:

“[T]he only choice for governor of Virginia is Robert F. McDonnell. Dealing with Virginia’s recession requires a leader who is willing to take responsibility, not hide behind the soft and fuzzy rhetoric of bipartisanship and commissions.”

The notoriously conservative editorial page also took aim at Deeds in the editorial:

Mr. Deeds and his supporters have run a vapid campaign, focused more on a 20-year-old college paper written by Mr. McDonnell than anything happening today. Many of the outrages they’ve manufactured incite puzzlement more than anger. Purportedly, as one of the other newspapers in town editorialized, in “Mr. McDonnell’s Virginia … information about birth control would be hidden.” What a strange quibble to characterize as a crisis. Only in a fairy-tale Virginia are voters more worried about condoms than about years of failed Democratic leadership.