Univ. Of MN Poll: Dayton And Emmer Tied In MN-GOV Race

The new University of Minnesota poll shows a tied race for governor of Minnesota, between Democratic former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton and Republican state Rep. Tom Emmer.

Dayton and Emmer each get 34% support, plus 13% for Independent Party nominee Tom Horner, a moderate ex-Republican. The survey of likely voters has a ±5.3% margin of error. In the last University of Minnesota poll from mid-May, Dayton led Emmer by 35%-31%, with 9% for Horner. The TPM Poll Average puts Dayton ahead of Emmer and Horner by a split of 40.4%-33.9%-10.9%.

From the pollster’s analysis: “Both Dayton and Emmer are suffering from voter backlashes. Likely voters who are dissatisfied with the national direction, which is currently in the hands of Obama and congressional Democrats are breaking by a 44% to 23% margin for Emmer rather than Dayton. By contrast, voters worried that Minnesota is heading off on the wrong track are breaking for Dayton 39% to 30% presumably on the grounds that Governor Pawlenty is the State’s chief executive and responsible for its well-being.”