Two House Races Remain Undecided

And then there were two.

Three weeks after voters went to the polls, just two congressional races remain undecided. They are:

  • California’s 11th Congressional District: While Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney declared victory nearly two weeks ago, Republican challenger David Harmer has yet to concede. Trailing by about 1,800 votes last week, the latest vote count finds Harmer down an even more significant 2,474 votes. It remains to be seen how the Republican’s campaign will react to the increased deficit.
  • New York’s 1st Congressional District: With an initial count of absentee ballots complete, incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop is ahead of Republican Randy Altschuler by 235 votes. As a testament to just how close this race is, the Altschuler campaign acknowledged Bishop’s lead, but contended it was only by a margin of 234 votes. The issue of 2,000 challenged ballots will be heard in front of the state Supreme Court next week, as the Republican campaign has called 1,261 ballots into question, while the Democratic campaign has challenged 790 ballots.

As of today, the partisan makeup of the new House is 242 Republicans (with 63 pickups) versus 191 Democrats.