Here Are Photos Of Trey Radel Partying Around The World

Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) has, in the words of one of his favorite rappers, the late Notorious B.I.G., “been around the world.”

Based on photos posted on his personal Facebook page, Radel enjoyed drinking and clubbing at a series of international destinations, including Amsterdam, Colombia, and Thailand, before he was elected to the House of Representatives last year.

Radel pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of misdemeanor cocaine possession. The day prior, he released a statement blaming the crime on “the disease of alcoholism.”

The above photo shows Radel posing with a beer in front of what appears to be the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex. It was included posted on his page in late 2008 that was entitled “Cambodia – Killing Fields, Stung Meachey Waste Dump. Angkor Wat. View more of Radel’s Facebook photos below:

Radel poses with mariachi musicians from an album posted in 2008 that was entitled “Guadalajara, Mexico & Tequila, Mexico.”

Radel and his wife, Amy Wegmann, visit what appears to be a tequila distillery from the Mexico album.

This shot of an “absinthe bar” appeared in an album called “france/germany/amsterdam trip” that Radel posted on his page in 2009.

Another picture from Radel’s Euro-trip showing a massive “Heineken” sign.

This picture of beer taps appeared in an album entitled “New York” that Radel posted in 2009.

Radel drinks with friends at a location he described as the “Market in Phnom Penh” from an album he posted in 2008 that was labeled “Colombia, Thailand & Hong Kong.”

A picture from Radel’s “Colombia, Thailand & Hong Kong” shows him taking a nighttime stroll.

A photo posted on Radel’s wife’s page in August shows the pair at a bash that was complete with glow bands, light up bracelets, and disco fog.

Along with his vacation pictures, Radel’s Facebook page included this status update he wrote in May 2010.