TPMDC Video: Costumed Anti-Abortion Protesters Heckle Congressional Staffers

Anti-abortion groups regularly station morning protesters at the Capitol South Metro stop on the House side of the Capitol building as staffers head into work. Today they went with a Halloween theme, dressed as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Harry Reid covered in blood and chained together.

TPMDC was on the scene and captured some video of the group as they orchestrated a scene of Pelosi and Reid being tortured by demons thanks to (presumably) supporting abortion. They also were opposed to the health care bill revealed today.

“Staffers, Hill rats, join Nancy Pelosi in hell!” they shouted as Metro riders walked by. They also shouted they wanted to “Kill the bill, not babies.”

I took a few photos and shot the video you can watch after the jump.

ThinkProgress reports that Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry was orchestrating the scene.