TPMDC Sunday Roundup

Steele: ‘No One’s Produced One Shred Of Evidence’ Of Foreign Money
Appearing on Meet The Press, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele responded strongly to the accusation that foreign money was being funneled into pro-Republican political organizations: “I don’t know what they’re talking about. No one’s produced one shred of evidence that any of that is happening. And, you know, I–look, you know, when President, then candidate, Obama was asked to disclose some of his donors because there was suspicion of their being, you know, the foreign source of money into his campaign, they refused to do it. So don’t give me this high and mighty, you know, holier than thou attitude about, about special interests flooding, flooding the political marketplace. The Democrats have been dabbling in those areas and clearly disclose it. If you, if you think that there’s something out there, disclose it, Nancy. Disclose it, you know, anyone else who’s got that evidence.”

Rove: Liberal Attacks On My Funding ‘Hypocritical’
Appearing on Face The Nation, Karl Rove defended the fundraising and spending of his group American Crossroads, which the White House has attacked for not disclosing its funding sources. In response, Rove said that Prescient Obama benefitted from over $400 million in outside support during the 2008 campaign: “And if liberals do it and nobody complains about it, it strikes me as somewhat hypocritical when conservatives adopt their strategies and follow their models and conservatives get criticized by the President of the United States by name.”Juan Williams: Firing An ‘Important Moment’
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, commentator Juan Williams said that his firing from NPR, for saying on Bill O’Reilly TV show that he felt uncomfortable on an airplane next a Muslim person wearing Middle Eastern clothes, was an “important moment” in American public life. “Americans feel, you know, that there’s nothing wrong in telling someone how you feel. And then to be punished for that is unfair and it amounts to censorship,” Williams said. “It’s important that people be able to talk to each other across political lines.”

Kaine: Dems Can Keep House, ‘All The Polls Have Been Moving For Us’
Appearing on This Week, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine said that Democrats could retain control of the House of Representatives, despite the present bad polling numbers and conventional predictions: “But the polling is moving. We really haven’t seen since Labor Day polls moving against us. Almost all the polls have been moving for us. Now, we still have some work to do, but what Democrats tend to specialize in is the ground game, the turnout. The more people turn out, the better we do, and we are seeing strong trends at the presidential rallies and early voting.”

Toomey: ‘I Think The Energy And The Momentum’s On Our Side’
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Senate candidate Pat Toomey (R-PA) brushed aside the recent polls showing Democratic candidate Joe Sestak closing the gap against him. “I never expected this to be anything but a close and competitive race,” Toomey said. “It’s close now, but I feel great about where we are. … I think the energy and the momentum’s on our side.”

Rubio Dismisses Crist As ‘Heckler’ During Debate
The three candidates for Senate in Florida debated this morning on State of the Union. At one point, Republican Marco Rubio shot back at independent Gov. Charlie Crist, when Crist was interrupting him: “I’ve never had a heckler at the debate. I’ve always had them in the audience. I mean, I’ve had this heckler going on for two minutes now.”