TPMDC Sunday Roundup

Egyptian Ambassador: U.S. Can Still Count Country As Ally
Appearing on This Week, Egyptian Ambassador to the United States Sameh Shoukry said that Egypt would maintain its close relationship with the United States. “Certainly,” Shoukry said. “These issues are driven by mutual interest, by Egyptian interest and the interest remains a close association to the United States.”

Boehner: Obama Administration Handled ‘A Very Difficult Situation’ With Egypt
Appearing on Meet The Press, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) commented on the Obama administration’s handling of the Egyptian revolution. “I think they’ve handled what is a very difficult situation about as well as it could be handled,” said Boehner. He also added: “I believe that we should always listen to those who are crying out for freedom, crying out for democracy. What we should not tolerate are those who want to push some radical ideology to take control of those governments. And I think that’s the real concern of the administration and, frankly, all of us on the Hill.”Boehner: Our Goal Is To Reduce Spending, ‘Not To Shut Down The Government’
Also during his appearance on Meet The Press, Speaker John Boehner was asked whether he would rule out a government shutdown if Republican cannot reach an agreement with the Obama administration. “Our goal is to reduce spending,” said Boehner. “It is not to shut down the government.”

McCain: After Egypt, ‘I Would Be A Little Less Cocky’ If I Were Putin
Appearing on Face The Nation, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that the spirit of the Egyptian revolution could spread to other authoritarian countries. “I don’t think this is confined to the Middle East, just as we believe that human rights are universal,” said McCain. He also added: “These winds of change that are blowing, I think I would be a little less cocky in the Kremlin with my KGB cronies today if I were [Russian Prime Minister] Vladimir Putin. I would be a little less secure in the seaside resort that [Chinese] President Hu and a few men who govern and decide the fate of 1.3 billion people.”

Graham To Egypt: ‘Take Your Time’
Appearing on State of the Union, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called for a slower transition to democracy in Egypt. “A rush election could help an organization like the Muslim Brotherhood so my advice to the Egyptian people is take your time,” said Graham. “I’m not so sure you can do all the things you need to do between now and September to have an election that reflects the full will of the Egyptian people and to create democratic capacity, but that will be up to the Egyptian people.”

Ryan: ‘This President Has Been Punting’ On Debt
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) criticized President Obama’s handling of the debt issue. “Borrowing and spending is not the way to prosperity,” said Ryan. He also added: “Presidents are elected to lead, not to punt. And this president has been punting.”

Gingrich: After Egypt, Allies Will Ask How They Can Trust United States
Appearing on This Week, former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) criticized the Obama administration’s public handling of the Egypt crisis, recounting a conversation he said he had recently with former Secretary of State George Shultz: “Secretary Shultz said, when you have a situation like this, where you’ve had an ally for 30 years, you stay relatively quiet publicly and you say to him privately, ‘The time has come for you to leave. We are prepared to do what it takes to get you to leave. We’ll find a way for you to leave with safety for you and your family. But this is over.’ But he said you do it quietly, because every other potential ally in the world is watching you. And if they see you publicly abandon somebody who’s been with you for 30 years, they wonder, why should I trust the United States?”