Steele Adviser: “The Empire Struck Back”

One of Michael Steele’s top advisers, Curt Anderson, has a new op-ed piece in the Politico arguing that Republicans are attacking Steele for one reason: he’s shaking up the party’s organization, and the entrenched powers don’t like it.

“Steele’s election as chairman of the Republican Party was a shock to the system for many of the Republican ruling class, the old guard in Washington,” Anderson writes. “Over the past week, countless anonymous sources have brought out the long knives. Indeed, over the past week, the empire has struck back.”

Anderson does concede that Steele has made mistakes, but also says that Steele’s detractors were waiting for his beginner’s errors as a pretense to pounce.

But come on, the empire struck back? The GOP is supposed to represent old-fashioned values, but not so old-fashioned that we’re a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…