Spokesman: Schumer’s Not Initiating Any Trigger Negotiations


Sen. Chuck Schumer’s spokesman Brian Fallon says his boss stands foursquare behind the opt out public option, and any suggestion that he’s been involved in negotiations regarding a triggered public option are false:

“Since Leader Reid announced the opt-out public option would be included in the Senate bill, Senator Schumer has not approached anyone about compromises,” Fallon said in a statement to TPMDC. “He is fully behind the level playing field opt-out, which he himself helped advance.”

That’s a direct contradiction to the assertion in this post, by a Democratic aide, that Schumer recently approached Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) about a public option compromise. But it doesn’t address Landrieu’s contention, that Schumer is a point man in behind the scenes negotiations regarding a potential trigger compromise.

We’ll try to get more clarification on that last point.