Specter On The Attack In New PA-SEN Ad (VIDEO)

p71/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Sen. Arlen Specter may be ahead in the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary polls, but that’s not stopping him from taking to the airwaves to trash Rep. Joe Sestak.

With the May 18 primary coming up fast, both Democratic campaigns are on the air with TV spots. Sestak just went up with a minute-long bio ad and Specter’s been up for several days now with a set of ads touting his positives.

Specter is the first to go negative on TV, though, smacking Sestak over, among other things, “creating a poor command climate” when he was an Admiral in the Navy.The TPM Poll Average for the primary shows Specter in the lead by a margin of 45.0-29.8. But an Apr. 12 Rasmussen poll showed the race to be much closer than that, with Specter just a few points ahead.

It seems Specter has taken numbers like that one to heart, attacking Sestak over the very resume he touts in his meet-the-voters spots. If Sestak was hoping for a clear runway to get his lagging campaign off the ground in the homestretch, Specter is making it clear he’s not going to give it to him.

Check out Specter’s ad: