Solis Clears One Hurdle, But Another Remains

As my colleague Matt reported, Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis got her long-awaited approval this afternoon in the Senate labor committee.

This means that her nomination is now before the full Senate for final approval — but unfortunately, it also means that any GOPer can place one of those annoying anonymous “holds” that could create another delay. And given Republican eagerness to turn Solis’ confirmation into a referendum on the Employee Free Choice Act, there’s always the danger of another roadblock being thrown up.

Matt reports that Sens. Tom Coburn (OK) and Pat Roberts (KS) were the two Republicans who requested that their “no” votes on Solis be recorded today, so we’ll keep an eye to see whether they take their opposition to the next level.

No matter what, however, this was a step forward for the Obama administration as well as major labor unions that mounted a full-court press for Solis this week. They deserve a victory lap.