She’s Back! Sharron Angle Launches House Campaign (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle, the former Nevada state representative and 2010 Republican nominee for Senate — who lost that race due in part to her talk about “Second Amendment remedies” and other very right-wing positions, and a refusal to speak to non-conservative media — has now officially declared her candidacy for the open House seat in the state’s Second District, which Republican Rep. Dean Heller is leaving to run for Senate.

Angle previously ran for the seat in 2006, very narrowly losing the Republican primary to Heller in the open-seat race. She then went on to great fame in 2010, ultimately losing the Senate race to Reid by a 50%-45% margin.

“The 2010 election was bittersweet,” Angle says in a new YouTube video. “Conservatives had some victories, but we still face obstacles from Democrats in Congress, and in the White House.“The Obama administration has made it clear that it intends to pursue unconstitutional legislation like Obamacare, job-killing policies, new regulations, and a federal spending increase that will paralyze our economic health. And the Democrats in Congress have pledged their support for this agenda.

“That’s why today, I’m announcing I am running for the United States Congress. The effort to bring the people’s voice back into government did not end in 2010.”

The district leans Republican, but could potentially present a close race if 2012 were to be a strongly Democratic year. The district voted for John McCain by a margin of less than one point in 2008, and before that it voted for George W. Bush by 57%-41%.