Sharron Angle Boasts Of Raising Millions From Out Of State Donors (VIDEO)

Most politicians try to distance themselves from money filtering into their races from out-of-state, or out-of-district. But in her concession speech last night, Sharron Angle actually boasted that a big chunk of her $14 million haul last quarter came from donors whom she wouldn’t even have been representing.

“We were able to inspire not only Nevadans, but a country,” Angle said. “Think of this. In the last quarter, we raised $14.3 million. Eighty percent of that came from out of our state. That means that America was wanting, was desperate, to help us.”Angle did stipulate that most of the haul came from small dollar donors. So she can be spared the charge of boasting about anonymous, wealthy interests backing her campaign. Still odd, though.