Sean Duffy Ad: ‘I Come From A Long Line Of Lumberjacks’ (VIDEO)

Check out this new TV ad from Sean Duffy, the district attorney, former Real World star and now Republican nominee for the northern Wisconsin House seat currently held by the retiring Democratic Rep. Dave Obey. The spot shows the beautiful great outdoors of Wisconsin — and Duffy in a red plaid shirt and swinging an ax.

“I come from a long line of lumberjacks. My family has a proud heritage of swinging the ax. I’ve always been quick to take on a big piece of timber, and I’m just as ready to topple the big spending in Washington,” says Duffy, proceeding to chop some wood. “Our national debt has grown sky high, thanks to the liberals in D.C. I’ll work in Congress to cut the spending, and balance the budget.

“I’m Sean Duffy, and I approve this message, because I’ll bring the ax to Washington.”

Must…not…make…Monty Python reference