Scott Brown’s Daughters In New Radio Ad: Coakley Saying ‘Hurtful And Dishonest Things About Our Dad’

Republican candidate Scott Brown has a new radio ad in the Massachusetts special Senate election, featuring his two daughters Ayla and Arianna Brown, blasting Democratic candidate Martha Coakley for attacking their dad.

This ad would appear to be a response to Coakley’s ad attacking Brown for favoring legislation to allow hospitals to deny emergency contraception to rape victims. Brown himself has already done a TV ad saying Coakley is making false attacks, though he didn’t specifically refute anything — and neither does this new radio spot.

“When he made his decision to run for the United States Senate, we knew it would be a learning experience for our family. We were excited about the family and what our dad could accomplish for the state,” said Ayla. “But what we’ve witnessed and learned from Martha Coakley and her political machine goes against everything we were taught growing up. Martha Coakley and her supporters are saying hurtful and dishonest things about our dad. Their attacks are out of line.”“Instead of discussing important issues like health care and jobs, Martha Coakley decided the best way to stop our dad is to tear him down,” said Arianna.