Saltsman: It’s Hard Out There For A Republican

Chip Saltsman, the candidate for RNC chairman who has gotten in trouble for sending out a gift CD to committee members that contained a parody song called “Barack The Magic Negro,” had an incredible interview this morning on MSNBC, blaming the whole flap on the media.

Contessa Brewer asked Saltsman about the offense that people have taken. “You know I think it highlighted a couple things, one that we’re definitely not playing on a level playing field with the media,” Saltsman said, complaining that the media didn’t go after the Los Angeles Times for running a column that served as the basis of right-wing satirist Paul Shanklin’s song.

(By the way, the piece was not from the LAT itself, but was an op-ed written by David Ehrenstein, who is black.)

Brewer insisted that there are many people out there who are offended by the parody song, which features the white conservative Shanklin doing an Amos & Andy-style impression of Al Sharpton. “Well, I think there’s some people that–” Saltsman began in a confrontational tone, before stopping short and simply replying, “I understand that.”

Late Update: Here’s the video: