Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Like Rubio’

The Marco Rubio campaign has now posted a very interesting YouTube video, in which the conservative insurgent candidate for Senate wins the praise of a notable right-wing activist and Florida resident: Rush Limbaugh.

“I like Rubio,” said Limbaugh, in a guest appearance on a local Florida radio show. “I’ve never met him, nor have I met Crist, but I know that there’s a sea change brewing and effervescing in this country.”

And Limbaugh took aim at Charlie Crist’s provocative insistence that he’s a conservative, and Crist’s ridicule of his detractors: “I noticed that Crist is out there now, ‘Hey what do you mean, who says I’m not conservative? I’m pro-life, I’m pro-gun, well I don’t know what more I have to be, except angry.’ That’s not gonna sit well.”