Rubio Raises $720K In Moneybomb Fundraiser

Roll Call Photos/Newscom

The “money-bomb” fundraisier for Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio brought in a whole lot of money — but not quite as much as their very high ultimate goal.

In a fundraising event that was heavily promoted over the last ten days, Rubio brought in $720,000 in online donations, the campaign announced this afternoon. However, the goalpost had been $787,000 — $1,000 per every $1 billion of the federal stimulus bill, which was supported by Rubio’s opponent in the Republican primary, moderate GOP Gov. Charlie Crist. The moneybomb was timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of a rally that Crist held alongside President Obama, urging passage of the stimulus while it was making its way through Congress.

By any reasonable measure, raising $720,000 in one day is really good, and should go far for Rubio in the primary. So he shouldn’t feel too bad about not quite making the goal.