Rove: Obama Should Use November Defeats To End Stimulus (VIDEO)

File under “Where this is headed.”

Democrats are pretty clearly going to lose some seats in November. And, if this Fox News clip last night is any indication, Republicans will use that defeat to press Obama to abandon what remains of the stimulus bill itself and other job-creating strategies.

Here’s what Karl Rove told Greta van Susteren last night: “there needs to be an event that causes — that gives them, gives them the excuse, gives them the opportunity, whatever verb or noun you want to attach to it, to shift gears. And that moment’s coming. It’s in 60-some-odd days. It’s called the November election.”Republicans are also pushing to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, at a cost to the deficit of about $700 billion, and to repeal or stymie health care reform as far as they’re able.

You can see the Rove exchange below: