Romney at CPAC: Unemployment Is A ‘Moral Tragedy’

Mitt Romney just spoke at CPAC, and between all the quips about President Obama’s promise for change, he managed to get in a line about the “moral tragedy” of unemployment. “Make no mistake about this. This is a moral tragedy. A moral tragedy of epic proportion. Unemployment is not just a statistic.”

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann used that same phrasing when discussing health care reform, describing the “moral tragedy” that is the Obama agenda that is “consuming the future” of generations of Americans.About Obama’s State Of The Union address, Romney said: “The President went from ‘change you can believe in’ to, ‘can you believe this change?’ It sounded like he was going to dig up the First Lady’s organic garden and put in a Bob’s Big Boy.”

He continued that when Obama saw that “millions and millions of Americans” were out of work, his response was “it could be worse.”

“It could be worse?” Romney asked, adding: “What’s next ‘let them eat cake?’ Excuse me, ‘let them eat organic cake.'”

Romney got a standing ovation when he said “if I were to decide to run for President….” And his wife, Ann, who introduced him, got huge applause when she said she would like to see Mitt as President of the United States.