RNC Revs Up ‘Fire Pelosi’ Bus Tour

Summer’s over, Election Day is approaching, and the Republican National Committee is going on a road trip. Today, the RNC sets off on its “Fire Pelosi” bus tour, an ambitious plan to cruise the country, “growing the grassroots groundswell” and breaking for moose.From today until the election, the tour plans to roll through 48 states, visit over 100 cities, and travel more than 14,000 miles. The bus will stop at “victory centers,” state party headquarters and other sites. No word on a visit to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

The RNC says the bus will sport the message: “Need a Job? Fire Pelosi!”, and a video on the tour’s website says that on Sept. 15, Chairman Michael Steele “brings our fight to the streets.”

Steele announced the tour last month. In a video on the tour’s site, Steele tells an audience “we’re going to be living on that bus, sleeping on that bus, eating on that bus, and bringing that bus to your community.” The RNC did not immediately respond to TPM’s questions of who exactly will be riding the bus.

On the website, you can also keep track of the bus location and schedule, view the “Fire Pelosi scrapbook page” and contribute money to “keep the gas tank on the big red bus filled up.”