RGA Chairman Signals Republicans Giving Up On Maes In Colorado

Gov. Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, had no kind words for his party’s nominee for governor in Colorado Dan Maes. TPM has been chronicling Maes’ problems over the last few weeks following his false claims he was a spy. Among his setbacks are the continued third-party candidacy of former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) and Senate nominee Ken Buck (R) rescinding his endorsement.

Will the RGA stand by Maes with financial support?

“We have put some money in Colorado,” Barbour told reporters during a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

He added firmly, “We have put some money in Colorado. Past tense.”“We are for whomever the Republicans of the state nominate. They don’t have to nominate who Haley Barbour is for,” the governor said in response to a question posed by TPM about Maes’ problems.

“At the same time, we practice what I call ruthless targeting. When we raise money from people in good faith, our good faith pledge to them is we’re going to use it where it puts lead on the target,” Barbour said. “We don’t pay for sure winners, we don’t give to sure losers.”

Barbour didn’t say which he thought Maes is, but told TPM: “In Colorado we have to look at how does it develop, but you can read as poll as easily, maybe better than I can.”

The TPM Poll Average of this race is 44.6% for Hickenlooper, 28.1% for Maes and 12.7% for Tancredo.

Barbour said during the breakfast the GOP is in the best position its been in for years, “but we’re still two months away from the election.” He said the Republicans “need to keep our foot on the accelerator.”

“Nothing’s done till it’s done,” Barbour said.