Republican Governors Association Has Biggest Fundraising Quarter Ever

The Republican Governors Association has announced a very strong fundraising quarter, taking in $19 million from April through June — their largest fundraising quarter ever — with $40 million in cash on hand for this year’s statehouse races.

From the RGA’s press release: “The RGA’s previous largest fundraising quarter occurred in the 4th quarter of 2009, when it raised $11.9 million. This quarter RGA raised $18.9 million. The RGA’s former mid-year fundraising record was $15.1 million. RGA is at $28 million this year – almost double the earlier record. In 2006, the last comparable election year, the RGA raised $28 million for the entire year.” (Emphasis in the original.)

Keep in mind that governorships covering a huge majority of the country’s population are up for election this year, in addition to the high-profile races for Congress. And this year’s gubernatorial races are even more important than they were four years ago, for a simple reason — the governors elected this year will play a direct role in the redistricting that will come after this year’s Census.