Rendell Spokesman: He’s Talked To Specter About Switching — The Answer Is “No!”

Chuck Ardo, the press secretary for Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), reaffirms to TPM that Rendell has been trying to get GOP Senator Arlen Specter to switch parties — and has not succeeded.

“The governor has had both public and private conversations with Senator Specter about switching parties,” Ardo told TPM via e-mail. “The Senator’s response has been a resounding ‘no!'”

When asked about Rendell’s statement that both Joe Biden and Dem Senator Bob Casey are also lobbying Specter to switch, Ardo said he does not have any personal knowledge of that.

A Biden spokesperson told TPM that they are not commenting on his private conversations with Specter, while Casey’s spokesperson denied that Casey has had any discussions with Specter about this.