Reid Tasks Schumer With Top Dem Messaging Job


In a sign that Democrats hope to do a better job claiming credit for their accomplishments, and emphasizing the differences between themselves and the GOP, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has merged the Senate Dems’ policy and communications shops, and tasked Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) with chairing the new office as a member of party leadership.

Schumer has developed a reputation among his colleagues, and across Washington, as a shrewd political strategist and a master of message control.

In a letter to colleagues today, Reid cited those skills as the reason he’s giving Schumer the job.“I have ased Senator Schumer, whose communications abilities and tactical skills we all greatly respect, to lead this office,” Reid wrote.

Schumer, the number three man in the Democratic leadership, will be backed up by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), who currently serves in leadership as Steering and Outreach Committee chair. The vacancy will be filled by Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK), a freshman who’s actively organized with other first-term Democrats to give junior members more influence in the caucus. He’ll be the fifth-ranking member of Democratic leadership.

You can read the entire letter here.