Reid Cancels Columbus Day Recess to Focus on Health Care


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has made good on a threat to cancel a week-long October recess to continue work on health care.

“I talked to the Republican leader about this last week,” Reid said on the Senate floor this morning. “But the Columbus day is fast approaching. It’s the week after next. And with all the things going on here, it just would not be right for us to take that week off. So what we’re going to do, as I explained to the Republican leader last week, we’ll be off that Monday, which is the holiday, Columbus day, and the following Friday.”

Once the Finance Committee finishes work on its health care legislation, Reid will merge it with a different bill, and then bring it to the Senate floor. The week of October 12 seems a bit early for the floor debate to have kicked off, but this could at least prevent any further delays.