Reid Ad: He Saved ‘Too Cool To Pass Up’ Dairy Jobs (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has a new ad out, featuring a Nevada businessman boasting that Reid used his clout to save jobs in the state.

“Federal regulations were driving us out of business. There was a lot of worry in the faces of our employees,” says David Coon, head of Anderson Dairy, which according to the ad employs 130 Nevadans.

The on-screen text then tells us: “Harry Reid changed the Dairy Law so Anderson could compete. And save the jobs.” David Coon then chimes in again: “Because of Sen. Reid, we continue to stay in business.

A nice touch is that the ad concludes with text of Reid’s slogan, “No one can do more,” along with a visual of an Anderson truck leaving their building. The truck then incorporates the company’s slogan into the ad: “Too cool to pass up.”

The TPM Poll Average puts Reid ahead of Republican nominee Sharron Angle by 47.6%-44.3%.