Rasmussen Poll: Hickenlooper Leading Maes, Tancredo In CO-GOV Race

The latest Rasmussen poll of the Colorado gubernatorial race show Democrat John Hickenlooper still leading, and support for Tom Tancredo’s third-party run falling.Hickenlooper (40%) leads the three-way race with Republican Dan Maes (32%) and Tancredo (9%). Those figures include leaners — voters who initially say they have no preference, but say which way they are leaning after a follow-up question. Even with leaners, 16% of voters are still undecided.

Voters’ initial preferences keep the candidates in the same order, with less support for Hickenlooper (36%) and Maes (24%), and more for Tancredo (14%). Initial preference support decreased for all three candidates since the last Rasmussen poll. In that August 11 Rasmussen poll, Hickenlooper led Maes and Tancredo 43%-31%-18%.

In Rasmussen’s three polls since Tancredo decided to run, support for him has decreased. On August 2, Tancredo polled at 24%. On August 11, he polled at 18%.

Additionally, Rasmussen found that Maes’ support among Republican voters is just 45% (54% with leaners), compared to the 78% of Democrats who support Hickenlooper.

The TPM Poll Average for the race shows Hickenlooper (39.7%) leading Maes (33.0%) and Tancredo (10.1%).