Rasmussen Poll: Alvin Greene Trailing Really, Really Badly In SC-SEN Race

Rasmussen’s out with a new poll of the South Carolina Senate race, and the numbers look bad for Democrat Alvin Greene. Really bad.

Greene, the surprise nominee whose economic recovery plan includes selling dolls in his image, is losing to incumbent Republican Sen. Jim DeMint by a whopping 42 points, 62%-20%.Only 18% of likely voters have a favorable impression of Greene. DeMint, by contrast, has a 69% favorable rating.

Greene, who pledges to “reclaim our country” from “terrorists and the communists,” hasn’t had a good few weeks. Records from Greene’s military service that called Greene a “threat to others” were revealed, and an L.A.-based consulting firm that had agreed to work with Greene parted ways with him after less than a week.

Only Rasmussen has polled the South Carolina Senate race so far. The pollster’s first and only other survey, from June 10, showed DeMint leading Greene 58%-21%. The margin of error of the latest Rasmussen poll is ±4.5 percentage points.