Protect Our Priorities, Green Energy Group Tells Pelosi

One month ago, TPM broke the news of a new Sustainable Energy & Environment Caucus being formed in the House to push for environmentally friendly recovery proposals in the stimulus bill.

The SEEC is now stepping up its efforts to ensure that the final version of the stimulus measure keeps its promise of investment in renewable energy and mass transit — both of them proven job creators. Led by co-chairmen Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Steve Israel (D-NY), 25 members of the SEEC have written a letter to House leaders outlining their priorities.

Amid a flurry of coverage criticizing the shortcomings of the stimulus, the SEEC letter is a healthy reminder that the recovery plan does contain incentives for the nation to wean itself from fossil-fuel addiction … if the House and Senate can be persuaded not to remove any worthy provisions during conference talks, that is.