Progressives Target Republicans Over Health Care Vote

Progressive groups are again targeting Republicans in competitive districts for voting to repeal health care reform while accepting federally financed insurance.

Americans United for Change, Daily Kos, and Blue America have aligned to run radio ads in the districts of Reps. Charlie Bass (R-NH), Paul Ryan (R-WI), Sandy Adams (R-FL), and Leonard Lance (R-NJ).“Instead of focusing on creating jobs, Congressman Bass and his Republican colleagues are doggedly focused on repealing the new health law, which would actually hamper job growth by up to 400,000 a year,” said Tom McMahon, Executive Director of Americans United for Change, in a statement. “Strengthening the economy should be Congressman Bass’s #1 priority; instead he’s working to make it legal again for insurance companies to drop someone when they get diagnosed with cancer, to impose a lifetime coverage limit on someone with diabetes, or to deny coverage altogether to a kid who happened to be born with a disability. Given all the time and energy Congressman Bass has devoted to taking away these new consumer health protections from New Hampshire families, you would think he’d have said ‘no thanks’ to his government sponsored health benefits. Not a chance.”

You can hear the sample ad singling out Bass here.

Bass and Adams are freshmen. Lance is a sophomore member. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee.