Progressive Pro-Union Ad In Wisconsin Raises $225K In A Day

If the money pouring in is any indication, supporters of union workers in Wisconsin like the TV ad campaign launched by two national progressive groups on Wednesday.

The groups behind the ad, which targets Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Republican majority in the legislature, tell TPM they’ve raised “over $225,000” from “10,000 grassroots donors” since the ad and its accompanying online fundraising campaign went live yesterday.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America, the groups behind the spot, say the money will be used to extend the run of the ad currently on air in Milwaukee and Madison into early next week.

The influx of cash will help them put the ad up in more Wisconsin TV markets, PCCC says. Those details are expected to be announced soon.

Representatives from PCCC and the DFA said they couldn’t offer a breakdown of exactly where the money to fund the ad is coming from. Though the spot is on air in Wisconsin, both groups have extensive national networks. PCCC co-founder Adam Green pointed to the group’s 22,000 members in Wisconsin and noted “recent polls say Wisconsin voters agree with the basic message of our ad.”

Check out the ad here.