PPP Poll: Dem Hickenlooper Up 5 Points In CO-GOV

A new PPP poll of the Colorado gubernatorial race shows Democrat John Hickenlooper ahead of third-party candidate Tom Tancredo by five points, 48%-43%. Republican Dan Maes is a distant third at 8%.While it looked like Hickenlooper would coast to victory when Tancredo first entered the race in August, the dramatic implosion of Maes’ campaign and Tancredo’s impressive fundraising push have made this a much closer race than expected. The last PPP poll of the race, from Oct. 23, found Hickenlooper leading Tancredo 47%-44%.

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The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Hickenlooper (47.3) leading Tancredo (43.1) and Maes (6.2).